Growing a Pair. Lesson # 02.



I love me a good read on my lunch break and I came across this interview with Pharrell Williams. The man speaks truth to artists as it is sometimes pretty hard to establish your own understanding of success and knowing when things are gonna be awesome;

So when a song works, you should just be thankful, because that is not why you do it.

So any kind of success that I have ever had on a song is not my doing. So you don’t do it for that, because I can’t control that. I do it because I feel like it feels good and it may resonate with other people.

How right is that!? The ultimate DO YOU notion. If you make something or do something and it feels good to you, if someone else gets the same vibe from it, then that’s bloody awesome! And it’s an added feature to the process and the outcome.

The first major moment like this for me was when I made this. Semester One Assessment

I spent three full days with hardly any sleep making it. I came up with the idea pretty late in the game before hand in and had been researching all these different processes to create the look I wanted. I remember being on the bus in the AM heading into class and I just had this major epiphany. If I can pull this off this is gonna be amazing. It felt good. I hung it in our show and within five minutes I had an offer on it and a rather large one at that. Totally was not expecting that at all. But clearly someone got the same vibe from it too. With such a quick response I kindly said no to to offer and it has hung in every room I have lived in since as a reminder to DO ME!

Another example of DO YOU is to really just concentrate on you.

The more I concentrate on others the more grr or sad or disappointed in myself I get.

Confession time/long winded story time.
I have the worst habit EVER.
And I mean like ever.
I like(ed) and follow(ed) all of these people on Facebook to see what they are up to photography and art wise. And for some reason, I like(ed) heaps that are pretty basic. I mean big ups to them for what they are doing, most of them have way more likes than me or are raking up the wedding quotas, but they ya know, just would make me old mate Ross have a wee cry. And here I am with a bloody PGDip from NZ’s top Fine Art school and I follow them and compare myself to them.

Call it jealous of them for doing it almost. It’s honestly so weird that here I am getting sad about someone snapping up what I want to do and comparing myself to kids that are fresh out of high school, with no real creds or just snap happy mates. I know a piece of paper doesn’t mean a lot to some, but I did that out of a passion and talent that I saw when I was a peanut. I gotta give it some credit and use!

But I just sit there, getting sad because I am comparing myself to them.
And its just silly.


I have always loved as the call it at art school “bedroom art”. It’s kinda a looked down upon avenue of art but I bloody love it. It’s pretty much making pretty pictures for homes. I started to make my colour darkroom stencils, I loved them BUT I hid them from everyone at art school except my lovely class mate, Russ. His response got me excited and later that year I got selected to do the Auckland Fair in 2012 with them and that’s when I started to kinda do things the Hayley way..

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.04.09 pm

The less I think about things and others and enjoy what I am doing for me, the more I get excited. When I do this and stop paying attention to those pages I follow (I’ve now unliked ALL OF THEM), I finally feel right in me and my art. And I begin to feel confident with the whole DO YOU mantra.

At some point we all establish and create and decide on our own adventure. Of course it changes but a lot of the time, our why is the same. For me I have a HUGE why (it’s pretty shhhh), but really I just want to make. That it my doing me, my DO YOU.


Do a doodle, take a snap, pick some pretty flowers, restyle your room.

Even if it’s in the smallest way, you will start to make a conscious and consistent work flow of good feeling, Pharrelle feeling, moments. And ultimately create a moment, a thing, or just end up being amazing because someone else starting vibing off your vibes, your DO YOU vibes.


-Again preaching to myself as I write this.


Growing a Pair. Lesson # 01.


With my previous posts I took you through my, gosh, 15 year, creative life span. Thus far.

She’s been a crazy old ride. Going from knowing exactly where I wanted to be, getting so so close and then succumbing to life and allowing situations and meanies to get the better of me. I have learnt so much but still I hold myself back in so many ways.

Over those 15 years there have been a number of situations that have kinda stuck with me. Or that have tainted me and my drive/confidence. But I have also learnt so much from them too.

So here is the a series of “postquel” posts. These give you a little insight into my lessons on my wee arty adventure.


My first biggest shock was when I started to do more commercial and paid photographic work. Being a student and doing that is hard. People take you seriously but some don’t seem to pay you seriously.

In the space of a month I had two rather large shoots in my third year of study.

Number one was for one of New Zealand’s largest clothing manufactures. They sat me down, told me my worth and the intended work load and then left me and my class mate to it. At this time I knew what I should be charging but I didn’t fully understand the actual amount of work I was about to put in. The planning, the styling, the set up, the meetings, the shooting of 20+ items on four models in a day, the editing, the approving, the critique, the re-editing… I spent near to a good week on it and we got paid next to nothing. The more I worked on it, the less I was worth… This then made me a little head strong for my next client. I sat down with one of my tutors and worked through a new game plan pay wise and was pretty happy and confident with it.

Client two then happened and I emailed and called and discussed everything I hadn’t with the previous. Being a previous “international model” I was super stoked that they knew the ropes and was willing to be patient with a still learning student. That latter part was something I don’t think she could shake. After an afternoon of product shots and some catalog-ish shots, I did minimal editing as requested then billed accordingly. The phone call I got was horrendous. If you know me, I cannot stand confrontation that isn’t necessary. I believe that everything can be sorted out calmly and peacefully but sadly the other end of the phone had other ideas. Client two was horrified at how much I was charging her for the work, I had even been rather generous in some cases. “If I wanted to pay that I wouldn’t of asked a student” were the words and that made me so cautious from then on. I stood my ground, apologised for any misunderstanding and refereed client two to our emails (gotta love paper trails!). I discussed with my tutor on how to best handle the situation and I just ended up handing over a few of the raw files and the deal was done.

Later on in that year, I got asked on the fly to quickly race down to the then Christchurch Cathedral to capture AVL’s “Darwin” for the SCAPE Arts Biennial in action. I had no idea what this would lead to and it was the coolest on the fly thing EVER. I think because of my art nature, I love things that happen last minute. Don’t get me wrong I love to plan things out too, but the best things (for me and art wise) come from those that I don’t overthink. SCAPE looked after me so well, sent me updates on publishing, sent me all the copies of the magazines and books and gave me back catalogues of previous Biennials. I finally felt that someone understood my worth. And I was and am truly grateful for that.

Artnews New Zealand, Summer 2008, Fertile field of experimentation, page 120.

Understanding what to charge, where to charge and what you are worth is something I still struggle with. You never want to undercut your time or skill-set or those pieces of paper that cost you thousands and thousands. The best advice I can give is look at your competitors and set a price for you that YOU feel comfortable with. Allow for wriggle room and understand that upskilling is something you might need to do every now and then. In some cases you might just need to offer something for nudda or next to nudda. Try not to do this too often and with people you know, otherwise word could get out and then you’ll have a bunch of new mates wanting stuff fo free. And we don’t want that, you are worth waaaaaay more than that!

My big thing with my art is wanting it to be a good price for others. For me I want the majority of my art to be for everyone. I want everyone to be able to enjoy it. I don’t want it to be out of reach or something that others can’t have because of the price. But then when it comes to selling in shops you have to understand that others need to keep that said shop open. To cover staff, overheads, expenses and make a profit. So its always a tricky line. But again, understand that you are worth the price that you set. Do not feel bad. Do not feel stink. Do not feel silly. You are an artist and you are totally, 100%, worth every cent and so is your talent!

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 11.59.44 pm

Gosh, I think I’m preaching to myself while I write. haha.


Growing up as a Creative and Growing a Pair // Part Three.


Part three of three

The years following getting my degree lead me so far away from where I thought I would be.

You really never know what life has in store for you and for me, none of what was going to happen following finishing my undergrad, was ever even on my radar or within my life plan spectrum.

I’ll break it down into years for you, will make this a whole lot easier.

I set off after uni to regroup and we mished off to Gizzy to chill the hell out with my other halfs family in the most remote of country living. No cell phone, no internet. Just us, all of the trees, the birds and Colin the Kune Kune pig. A year long intermission was just what we needed.



When I told my undergrad tutors I was moving to Gizzy, I got a “there goes another artists career”. Things like that really urk me. You can make ART no matter where you are, its all about YOUR drive and self motivation.

Within the first week of being in that little town I was asked by the tutors at Toihoukura if I wanted to be in their studio programme. I kindly declined since I kinda wanted to see how I went with being away from academia, even if it was in the smallest form. The people I met that day, were always so welcoming from that day on. Always stopping me in the street to natter about art, taking the time to see how my work was going when I would pop in and say hi. That’s what I wanted from first year out on my own, making friends with people that loved art, for arts sake, It had me really figuring out where I placed myself within that world.

With boyf deciding to say ka kite to his LLB and enlisting to join the Royal New Zealand Navy, we packed up at the start of 2011 and moved to the big smoke, Auckland.

Moving to Auckland was a bit of a shock but we were so lucky to really land on our feet. We had awesome friends who had a room going so finding a place for me to live was easy as and even though I had been accepted into the next logical stage of my academic art life, I decided to put that on hold so I could get my land of the land.

Aside from figuring out AKL and getting acquainted with my new fast passed city life (aint on Gizzy Time now! haha) I also had to get a balance of Navy GF life. For the first six weeks of being in Auckland I was on my lonesome, boyf was in basic training with only letters to write to each out (yeah, a bit ca-ute), she was tough going but with doing some of our Uni years apart we were pretty well trained – This is going to be a whole other series.

By the middle of the year this is when (now that I look back upon it) “Happy Hayley” started to slowly disappear.

I put myself in a place that allowed for such self destruction and even though we learn from what we have been through. I really wish a lot of it had never happened.

For the years prior to all of this, I was the most confident, care free person. Nothing could touch me and if it did, I shook it off because it just didn’t phase me.

BUT for a period of time, I became weak. So weak that I lost all of that confidence and every ounce of determination that I once possessed. By allowing this weakness to seep over me, it allowed others to take advantage of my niceness and allowed them to help in the process of self destruction.

This effected me in so many ways, not just art related.

I didn’t really realise the level of blackness I was in. I even used this blog to make it seem like everything was filled with love, sunshine and happiness. But I sadly just wasn’t filled with much of that at all.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 3.22.31 pm
After a year in Auckland I decided to try and achieve something I didn’t think was actually possible for a little girl from the land of sunshine, strawberries and golden sand beaches. I kinda got into a pretty decent art school for postgrad and for that moment, I felt my super powers had returned. I was proud as. Stoked and ready to take on this new world head on. Pumped.


I have never felt so inadequate. Completely unprepared and I felt all of my art smarts, ideas and passions diminish. From the big fish in the small pond, to the smallest little fishey ever into the largest expanse of ocean. I could feel the sharks/whales/dolphins even the wee fishies swarm around me ready to snap me up for dinner. On the daily I needed a thesaurus for the bloody thesaurus. I felt sooooo stupid that even if I made the best thing EVER it just wasn’t going to be good enough in my mind.

And how I handled myself during this process was even weird for me. It was one of seclusion, rather than my old happy, friendly, sociable and happy to help and crit anyone if it helped them and their work to progress. During this time I couldn’t even critique myself let alone, have others critique me. It was a strange and dark time for my art and for me.

Here is were I learnt to be proud of me and for me. And for me only. But even that was so hard when I didn’t realise the situation I was in mentally.

Everything started to become effected by this darkness.

It effected my general health, my friendships, my relationships and to this day it still continues to effect the things that I hold the most dearest.

I find this so hard to write, because it makes me so sad and so mad that I let this one moment in my life, effect me for so long. But when you are down for the count for so long, no matter what you do to shake it off, it is something that you carry for a while.

During all of this I was faced with a series of events, that slowly but surely kicked me when I was so far down, and for a while, I saw nothing but complete darkness.

For a person that only ever saw sunshine, daisies and piwaiwakas, it was one of the scariest places I have ever visited and I wish to never, ever get to that place ever again.


So a year and a bit after going through the darkest of darkness and remotely shaking this bad thing off, I am still working on my number one priority, being happy and heathy.

Happy and healthy that is the number one goal.
Gaining a balance back.
And being proud of me, and for me only.

It’s always a work in progress but it is so good to once again feel like I have super powers, albeit they are kinda on the fritz, and I’m start to take back in those daisies and piwaiwakas again. Happy Hayley is making a comeback!

As I write this, I know I have people that believe in me. That believe in my talent, my eye and what I make. AND JUST PLAIN OLD ME. But it’s still a case of, I don’t quite believe it for myself.  But I want you all to know that I am so so so so so grateful to those of you that do believe in me and that have supported me through this crazy, nutso ride. I am grateful to even be writing this and to even feel like I have the voice strong enough to write this.

The next phase for me is that belief.
Self belief.
Self drive.
24 hour self projects of happy arty madness.
No self sabotaging and stalling (worst habit ever!..).

Because I will once again, possess those super powers that made me so fearless, to take on anything and everything that this life and world can throw at me.

I want to be one of the best at what I do again.
And I will be.
As long as it makes me H A P P Y.
And ultimately that I…


You better watch out because I am going to explode all over you and it is going to be great.


Growing up as a Creative and Growing a Pair // Part Two.


So below is a whole pile of words that I wrote two months ago.

I wrote it the day after I wrote part one.

For some, again most likely, irrational reason I just couldn’t hit post.

I’ve been thinking why.

And I’ve realised that so much has happened in the last month itself, awesome stuff at that, that I feel as though I don’t know why I really need to do put this out there any more. But, I need to for me. I think I’m also really afraid of part three, because it really is rather painful.

But the response I had to my first post was kinda mind blowing. I’m clearly not the only one that has been through this cycle. So I’m going to do this not just for me, but for those that feel so much fear, for a talented that is engrained in them. I really am afraid of misusing a talent that was gifted to me.

Now. I think it’s about time I grew a pair and hit post.

And go.

Part two of three.

The next stage of my creative development, saw me look into tertiary study.


After leaving high school I saved up and rather swiftly up-ed and left my small wee seaside town and jumped across the ditch for a few months.
So many parents push their kids into Uni straight out of school. Pretty much most of us at 18, have no idea of what we wana be, where we wana go.

I am so grateful to our parents for allowing us the freedom to just go and be. Even if it freaked them out. Sorry Mum and Dad! Freedom of choice and experience is an awesome thing. How so very lucky were we!?

This was me at 18 on the right. Happy, loving life, enjoying this new found freedom with my beautiful friends and really allowing the world to take me on and show me what I should and could be. Love these two faces to pieces! x

What I wanted to be at the end of this wee adventure was with out a shadow of a doubt, a photographer. I left my time on the east coast of Oz, with mountains of memories and stacks of film.

With out being in the constraints of an kind of academia I was fully able to shoot how I saw the world. And what I saw in the world. And when I got those films back, I was surprised and in awe of my swift change of viewing.

2006. The start of tertiary life. University. ART SCHOOL! DAC!

All packed up and ready to head further south, I set upon Christchurch, 111 Suva Street and the Design and Arts College of New Zealand to start my photographic domination.

I am so so lucky to have gone the year I did. I ended up with jam packed, memory filled first day (how could we forget Vanessa with her witches/birdcalls/motorbikeparking). And most importantly had me in a room with a bunch of beautiful strangers that are still my best mates in all of the whole wide world.

As tradition, we did the old stand up and tell us a bit about yourselves thing.
I was filled with cockyness. I think it was more pride in what I had done already. But no doubt it came across as cockyness. Sorry guys!! xo It also meant that I had to instantly prove and stand up to what I had just wanked on about. It kinda pushed me to meet that and I wanted to smash it. I had this mad drive to actually be the best. And I began to create a formular for achiving highly in short spaces of time. It became my madness. 24 hour projects I called them (they were actually 2 weeks long! #soznotsoz).

We had an amazing group for our diploma and our first year was pretty full on. It saw us constantly creating with almost weekly new briefs in Photography, Digital Media (urg Fridays 8am after Foundry Thursdays!) and Praktikum.

My four years of undergrad went so fast! I first of all only set out to do the diploma, but within no time I had signed myself up to cross on over to fine arts and getting that expensy piece of digrizzel paper. My second year was a bit of a mere, inconsistent and strugling with the whole idea of fully self directed learning and working. By the time our degree year came around, I was in this mad groove and I really enjoyed relying on my peers to help me through our processes, workings and creative blocks. I made some of my favorite stuff to date that year and to this day I am so proud of how my four years lead me to completely changing my photographic practice.

It was tough going for while why my tutors challenged me and really pushed me. I see why now, but at the time of my artistic change in my third year, I was pretty lost for a bit. Being challenged to not create, as my classmates had so endearingly named my style, my Hayley-ism’s was hard to shake. But by the end of my degree the change completely shifted how I looked at art and photography.

During this time I also had a my first experiences with clients and work experience. Most were lovely and awesome but being a student and people expecting you to just do it, like fo free or pretty much nudda, was not my jam. I did a few for free because I’m too bloody nice but I made sure I charged and charged my worth like we were taught. I would get replies in shocks of horror when a few of them got a bill, yeah a BILL! When this happened it started to change my thinking on actually being a photographer, like a real life photographer, getting paid and billing people. Having someone question your worth, makes you question you, yourself, your ability, your talent. And when it happens a few times, you kinda stop and think. Am I a bit special or are they!? I brushed it off during my undergrad but I learnt from these experiences, and I have to say they tainted my mind set a little.
I never realised how much they effected me until down the line, years later..

At the end of 2009, four years later I walked outa there with an expensive piece of paper, a degrizzle, a bachelor of f**k all or a Bachelor of Fine Arts alongside my incredibly talented BFF’s.

I had won three scholarships, scored a bunch of A’s, a few B’s and was pretty much just on an amazing arty, photgy roll. I had had some of my commercial work publish in ArtNews NZ and Urbis and I was kinda fist pumping at my photographic life.

And, I had a bit of a back catalog of work that had fully evolved. And I was pretty proud of.


First Year

IMG_1340 copy

Hayley Roberts2

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 8.44.05 PM


Hayley Roberts, The Grand Guignol Series, October 2008, Digital C-type, Photographic Satin.

Hayley Roberts, Take your pick experimental series: Iris Tennyson, June 2009, Digital C-type.

Hayley Roberts, Take your pick experimental series #3, May 2009, Digital C-type.

Some of my faves picks sit there, just right there, right before your very eyes. Still proud.

Lastly a few little thank you’s to our main tutors..

Janet – For the Dada hat making history classes, allllllll of those speeches we had to do and GIANT and I mean, like more than life size Camera Obscura building. Also for being the mother we needed to set us straight or to be there when our darlings ones couldn’t be.

Ross – For adapting and teaching us in a very, very quickly evolving period in photography. Aiming to shoot in 24 shots always sticks with me to this day, as does understanding the situation that your in, working with the light (or against if thats your thaaang) and framing, no cropping here folks! Pushing us to stick with film and the darkroom for as long as possible is something that I will always be grateful for. Digital makes you lazy as. Film makes you think, constantly, in a way digital just doesn’t.

Inez – For seeing my potential and straight up challenging me from day one. If you hadn’t I would of never finished up where I did. Your guidance and belief is something I still hold dear.


Postgrad/The Real World.

Growing up as a Creative and Growing a Pair // Part One.

I have honestly written these posts soooo many times over, for months. All from scratch.

These posts are away of letting a lot of confusion go. A way of starting a fresh as I step into a new phase of me and as Hayley R/Hayley Roberts the artist and photographer.

I have been spending a wee bit of time yarning to a few mates in different creative industries and its awesome (well not awesome) to know that I am not the only one who has been through this loco cycle. Makes me feel less loco haha.

I have decided to post it in three parts;

P1. High School.
P2. Art School.
P3. Post Grad/Real World.

Here goes….

Part one of three.

It’s been 10 whole years since my last year at high school.

8 years since I started Uni.

5 years since I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in photography.

And today I feel like none of this exists because I have this unmanageable and probably completely irrational fear that suppresses all of that hard work, student loan, love, dreams, passion and talent.

I really have no idea why.

Let me take you back to where it all began.

When I was just a wee thing I picked up the camera and took this really ace picture of my little blister with her dorky as grin. We had photo comp at primary and I won our age group. What do ya know!? Like most creative kids, I always remember making and destroying and mess making and doing anything that had me creating stuff. I just loved it. Happy memories! Poor Mum and Dad..

I was so lucky to stumble across a wee course at my high school, Nayland College, which allowed me pretty much a free period to create. Young Designer was the start of everything for me.

Our teacher Mr Fox, really allowed us to just chill and be creative, two of the characteristics I held so dear. His guidance and direction pushed me to see that I had a wee smidge of talent when I was just 14 years old.

The New Zealand Secondary Schools Young Designer of the Year Awards had us work hard, slog it out. For seven months we chipped away to create a portfolio of work that would then be judged against and alongside other young creatives from around New Zealand. I choose to do photography, wrote up my own brief and BAMMMM! I f’n won that mother bleeper. First in Junior Photography and second in the senior section.

14 years old. And winning shit. WHAT THE HUHDJKNCHUFVBDJK!?

Check me out!

Thinking I was on to something good, I worked so hard to prove myself to be let into the photography selective for 5th form (yeaaaaarrrr uuurrr 11/15 years old). With knowing I couldn’t draw to save myself from day dot, I avoided art classes but needed to have been doing it to get let in.

Being allowed into 5th form photography was a massive YES moment. Little, uncontrollable, and totally awesome dance moves were done in my room. Something was about to happen. I was so, damn, excited. BOOM.

I am so grateful for my Mum and Dad allowing me to do it. They saved so hard to get me my first REAL camera. To this day. So grateful. Little did I know about the magic from that little box of mirrors, that I had just been gifted..

2002 saw the true dawn of my photographic life.

The darkroom happened.

Seeing a photograph develop in all that chemically goodness for the first time, is actually like magic. How the hell did old mate Fox Talbot and his buds come across this!? They were true magicians. Or just nuts.

Seeing the paper slide in the tray, be covered back and fourth and the image slowly appear just floored me. WOW. The beauty of this thing, the physical photograph is something I am still in awe of. I will never, ever forget that moment.

I was hooked.

Before I knew it I was squishing photographic books into my face, reading up on cool techniques, taking my film camera where ever I could and probably annoying the hell out of my teacher, Miss Dywer, with all my questions.

It was this year that I fell in love with my first batch of artists.

Mike and Doug Starn. The A Team of large scale photographic montage/collage magic.

Mike and Doug Starn

Francesca Woodman. The Queen of rustic, quirky, beautifully blurry self portraits.

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 12.00.39 PM

To this day, these guys still influence the hell out of me – How I look through my lens and how I create and construct my photographs.

Then all this happened..

Excellence, excellence, excellence. Firsts, wins, firsts. The smallest excellence box possible for my final boards for high school, level three NCEA. Selling art. Exhibiting art.

I finally found my thing. And I wasn’t just alright at it, I was pretty alright at it.

Being that age, having that passion and finding my talent was such an awesomely powerful combination. I was absolutely fearless.

Happy Hayley was in full swing and I was just loving on life. I was finding out who I was and where I was going before most of my peers and it was mind blowing. It was almost insane.

I was constantly creating and constantly wagging maths just to be in the darkroom.

But I couldn’t of cared less, I was doing what I loved and I was fully embracing this super power that I had been blessed with.

Having that super power, plus that naivety of life, had to have been one of the best times of my life.

Being fearless is so powerful. I am so in awe and jealous of 17 year old Hayley and how nothing was really impossible when it came to my art. I am so proud to even say that.

And a little cocky for even saying that.

I am sooooo blessed to have had those moments and so very grateful to all those that allowed me to discover, experiment and develop my photographic skill set at such a young age.

Etched tulipa triptych, gelatin silver print, 2003

Art in Imitation

Square Series - April 2004




Hey oh! 2015.

Yeah yeah, I know it’s February already, but I’m just about to kick things off officially.

This is me Hayley. Hayley R. Hayley Roberts. Not Hayley Roberts (almost Hasselhoff). And clearly I like to whip my hair back n forth.

Welcome back to the land of Hayley R. The land of sunshine, daydreaming of beaches, spewing out thoughts on art, love and life. This old mate is gonna get some love big time and I am so excited to get back into the swing of things.

So welcome young and old, new readers and click ‘n move on-ers, Hasselhoff lovers and every one in between.

This year here at Hayley R we are gonna;

Take over the world (well try too..)
Post AT LEAST once a week on this old thang.
Continue to make traction with my print empire.
Continue to grow my online world and reach/audience.
Laugh lots. And often.
Go on heaps o adventures, big and small.
Get my planning on – We’re going to NYC for New Years, HOLLA!
Save my buttttttt off. Gotta get rid of that debt shiz, ya know.
Be proud always.
Be grateful.
Believe in what I am, believe in where I am going.
Be happppppy asssssssss helllllllll!

On Thursday (NZT) I am going to do my first major post. It’s been waiting in the wings for a while and it’s a lil (actually its huge..) thing that I’ve been needing to write and get out for a while.  I am a little excited but also very, very nervous.

Massive thank you to those that have stuck around. I am so stoked to have you here with me. And thank you to everyone new that is coming along, love ya and I really bloody mean it.


Happy 2015 friends!

Lots of exciting and new stuff is happening in and around this dot come of awesome, so to help keep up to date with everything I thought I would give all your pretty faces a free calendar for all of 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 10.49.01 pm

Yeah she’s a little bit late.. OPPS!

Also a little background. The pressed flowers I have used are these beautiful works of art by my late Great Aunty Fay. Before she passed I sat her down and told her how pretty I thought they were, she scoffed at me, thinking I was a little loco.. I always told her I would turn them into something. I always told her they had a magic that was destined not to sit in a box in her house. I think these months are just so pretty and I really hope you do to!

CLICK HEEERRRREEE >>>>>>> Hayley R Free 2015 Calendar

Please enjoy and please only use it for personal/office use.


Arohanui, Hayley R x

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